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A. Rosa Hirzer


I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Graz, Austria. ⊰ I have a passion for drawing and print making ∿ I'm always eager to explore the unexplored.


I'm open for comission work, just drop me a line.

Fake ❨ A poster created for an exhibition dealing with the topic »fake«. It is inspired by the Allegory of the Cave by Platon and should depict the fact that our perception defines the reality we are living in. ☼ Educational project 2018

Libelle ▹ Cover Illustration for the magazine »Libelle« ✺ Print issue of Dezember 2018

the good magazine stands for less haste and more life. It's content is based on the key points slow journalism, mindfulness and inspiration as well as the feeling of being »offline« and getting the chance to calm down for a moment. ⌒ I created four magazine covers with the topics love, food, holidays and fashion. As it is meant to be a series, published within one year I opted for a consistent, very analogue look — to create a strong visual as well as topic related contrast between the matter of »slow life« and life dominated by technology. ✺ educational project, 2018

Fantasy ⨸ An Illustration on the topic »fantasy«. ▹ educational project, 2019

Wimmelbild ⦼ A Wimmelbild based on the »passengers on tour« campaign by Lufthansa ∼ inspired by the city of Edinburgh ⟴ educational project, 2017

Strietzel Illustrated recipe inspired by »They Draw and Cook« ✺ educational project 2019

Tiny tales of numerous nonsense ↠ Is it possible to find value in the incongruous? Can the ungraspable be comprehended and explained? Is there any sense in supposedly nonsensical art and creation? ✺ This zine contains a collection of illustrations based on tiny short-stories focusing on the absurd and the incongruous. ❨ Each of the stories show an answer to an unusual question I asked as part of a survey—where I introduced an absurd scenario in order to challenge the imagination of the participants and to explore the variety of nonsense, creativity and humour. ✱ BA project 2018 ⌒

pure life is over ☽ Our world is drowning in plastic waste and still there are companies trying to convince us otherwise. They advertise their plastic-packaged products in scenes of pristine nature and promote pureness and health. Can we really continue holding on to their promises or is it finally time to unravel the truth and admit that »pure life« has come to an end a long time ago without us realizing it? ♲ educational project, 2019 ✸

Various Ink Illustrations created for a life coach ☽ real project, 2018 ∖ company: rosebud inc., client: Anke Herms

magic A risograph print with the topic »magic« ✺ in cooperation with Irene Martinez ☽ educational project, 2018

Vinyl cover⁄Virtual band ⋙ This is a design for a record sleeve I had to do for university. The task was to create a virtual band based on a real one—which was in my case alt-J—and coming up with a design for a fictional EP, featuring two songs of the band. The illustrations should not only depict the background and meaning of the songs but also contextualize the characters in a world created around and about them. ⦚ educational project, 2017

Libelle Cover Illustration for the magazine »Libelle« ✺ Print issue of June 2018